Leila Bakouche

Artist Photographer

from Algeria


Leila Bakouche was born in Algiers in 1992. Having grown up near the Mediterranean and close to two architectural styles, Ottoman and Haussmannian, her love of cities was cultivated throughout her life. Leila has always been fascinated by the details given to an identity and a space.


Over time, she developed an attraction to digital media arts; a passion nurtured during her university years, and then exploited during her specialization in urban development. After graduation, Leila immersed herself in innovating her graphic and photographic practices, involving the discovery and curiosity of spaces and people.


The images Leila takes during her walks around the city are only part of the process, to which she adds the use of storytelling practice to allow feelings to exist between the artist and the people. Leila cherishes this connection with individuals, believing in the power of reconciliation and cohabitation through emotions.


She also holds a degree in Environmental Planning and Protection from the Faculty of Earth and Universal Sciences (USTHB). Followed by a master’s degree in Business and Organizational Management to specialize in Marketing during her second year at the Higher Institute of Management and Planning (ISGP), as well as a BTS in Computer Graphics and DTP Modeler from the School of Graphic Arts.

Leila has led several introductory workshops in photography as well as literary writing. She teaches at the Centre Culturel Universitaire “CCU” in Algiers to students who wish to acquire the same enthusiasm she has for the art of photography. She has been invited to share her inspirations as a speaker at Wikistage Annaba in 2016 and many others.

Leila presented her first work abroad as part of “SEEDJERBA 2019 an international Media Art Biennale, invited by German curator Bettina Pelz and Tunisian curator Aymen Gharbi. She exhibited the exercise of a “video mapping” containing a series of photographic portraits of local youth “discovering the Other World” on an island of Djerba in Tunisia. Leila lives as an artist-photographer and designer in Algeria.


She presented her second photographic project around the book “The Labyrinth of Solitude” by the Mexican writer Octavio Paz. A project entitled “ Une Solitude Bleue ” carried out with the support of the CCU and the Mexican embassy in Algeria.


“Une solitude bleue” by Leila Bakouche participated in the VITAL project, produced by Alpha Tango in partnership with the French Institute. A film directed by Thomas Castaing with the composition of Safy Boutella and in collaboration with twenty artists including Leila Bakouche.



November 2020. Invitation to present a digital photography workshop as part of the November Digital 2020 at the French Institute of Algiers.


October 2017 to June 2018. Volunteer photographer offering a training program in digital photography to the university student of Algiers during the academic year 2017-2018.An opportunity to learn, practice and experiment photography.



January 2016. DESIGN THINKING workshop facilitator on the situation of ARTS in Algeria, a method that innovates with an interdisciplinary approach centered on human beings, based on observation of the world, experimentation, brainstorming and storytelling within of the National Youth Association. Rally - Actions - Youth.


April 2015. Invited to present an introductory workshop on digital photography during the InfidjArt project at the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts d’Alger.

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February 2021. Exhibited part of the “Une solitude bleue” collection at the premiere of the “Vital” Project in French institute in Algiers. A project produced by Alpha Tango with the support of French Institute in Algeria.



October 2020. Photographic exhibition around the book “The Labyrinth of Solitude” by Mexican writer Octavio Paz, was part of the “Une Solitude Bleue” collection by artist Leila Bakouche. An event organized by the Mexican Embassy in honor of the Nobel Prize for Literature awarded to Mexican writer Octavio Paz in 1990.


February 2020. Workshops/Mapping video of Zelliges Art of Algerians Floors with Samy Omar et Rémi Lapierre at AARC (Agence algérienne pour le Rayonnement culturel).



August 2019. Exhibited a series of photographic portraits with light mapping at Sea Djerba International Media Art Biennial at Tunisia.


May 2019. Exhibited Zelliges, Art of Algerians Floors at art fairs SouggeNsa#7.


November 2018. Exhibited Zelliges, Art of Algerians Floors at art fairs SouggeNsa#6.


October 2013. Collectif exhibition of Club Photo Equinoxe at the International Festival of comics Algiers.


© Leila Bakouche, 2021.